Advantages of Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

Discover the ease of treating fungal infections with our cosmetic laser.

Do crusty, discolored and thick toenails embarrass you? You could be dealing with an unsightly issue known as a toenail fungus. While Toenail Fungus you could try over-the-counter medications to treat your condition, if you have a persistent or more serious infection that doesn't respond to these traditional measures, it might be time to talk to your Needham podiatrist Dr. Michael Mitry about whether laser fungal treatment is right for you.

How does laser treatment work?

This treatment works by using a laser that produces enough heat to penetrate through the infected nail to kill the fungus while keeping healthy tissue and nail unaffected. In about 20 minutes the fungus is destroyed.

What are the benefits of opting for this fungal infection treatment?

There is a reason so many patients in Needham are turning to laser treatment to eliminate their toenail fungus. Here are some of the advantages you can expect when to opt for laser treatment:

  • Most studies find that laser treatment boasts a high efficacy rate. About 80 to 88 percent of cases responded to laser treatment.
  • This laser offers a safe, effective way to get rid of fungal infections without requiring drugs or anesthesia.
  • This treatment is virtually painless. Some patients may experience a slight tingling or warming sensation during their treatment but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable.
  • Unlike oral or topical medications, laser treatment boasts minimal to no side effects.
  • There is no recovery period or downtime after treatment. You can go right back to work or your daily activities after coming to your Needham podiatric office for treatment.

Do I need to prepare my toenails prior to treatment?

It is recommended that you remove any polish or lotion from the nail bed prior to your laser fungal treatment. Sometimes nails will need to be trimmed, but we can easily take care of this before we treat you.

Don’t let toenail fungus embarrass you and affect your foot health. Turn to the experts at Advanced Podiatry of Needham for all of your foot-care needs.

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