Got Bunions? Then Step Out of Those High Heels

BunionsYou love wearing high heels, but are they hurting your feet more than you know? As it turns out, high heels don't just cause foot pain while in use; they can also lead to bunions and extra trips to see Michael Mitry, DPM at Advanced Podiatry of Needham.

Do High Heels Cause Bunions?

According to recent research collected in the Framingham Foot Study, high heels don't actually cause bunions themselves. Not all podiatrists agree with these findings, however, and even if they are accurate, this doesn't mean that the high heels are safe to wear.

While high heels may not specifically cause bunions, they can worsen bunions in people who are already genetically susceptible to developing them. In other words, if you are already at risk, your choice of footwear may just result in painful and unsightly bunions.

Who is at Risk for Bunions?

If you have a certain foot type, a foot deformity or have suffered a foot injury, you may be at an increased risk for bunions. Having arthritis, wearing ill-fitting shoes, and being on your feet all day can increase your risk as well. Assessing your own risk is very difficult, so be sure to visit Dr. Mitry at Advanced Podiatry of Needham if you have any concerns or questions about your bunion risk.

How Can Bunions Be Prevented?

If you are concerned about your risk of developing bunions or if you have started to develop them already, there are steps you can take to reduce your chances. First, choose proper fitting footwear with a low heel and wide toe box that won't cramp or squish your feet. Wearing shoes with arch supports and going barefoot at home may help as well.

If you want to avoid painful and unsightly bunions as well as the surgery that may be required to treat them, take steps now to reduce your chances of developing a bunion in the future, including making regular visits to see Dr. Mitry at Advanced Podiatry of Needham. Dr. Mitry can assess your bunion risk and help you find ways of preventing these bony protrusions from occurring in the future.

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