When To See a Podiatrist

At Advanced Podiatry of Needham, our foot doctor will diagnose and treat conditions involving the leg, ankle, and foot. They can also prescribe orthotic insoles that help improve balance and provide additional comfort while walking or standing. A podiatrist may also perform non-invasive or invasive surgery when a problem is severe enough. If you display any signs or symptoms of common injuries like sprains and strains, pain in areas like the ankle, arch, or ball of the foot, consult with Dr. Michael Mitry or Dr. Christopher Karter in our Needham, MA, office to discuss treatment options.

When To See a Podiatrist

You should consider visiting our foot doctor as a preventive measure. That's because our Needham, MA, podiatrist can run a series of tests that identify the strength of one's toes, feet, ankles, and legs. Once this has been determined, Dr. Mitry or Dr. Karter can suggest exercises to build endurance and help prevent injury. If you play sports, have an active lifestyle, or develop a fracture from doing so, it's beneficial to see a podiatrist to treat the problem and prevent further damage. Other reasons you may consider seeing a podiatrist include feelings of intermittent or chronic foot pain, numbness, and swelling. You may also visit us for conditions that affect the toes like fungus, calluses, and corns.

If you have diabetes and don't have a podiatrist, schedule a consultation with our foot doctor to begin your journey to better foot health. We don't recommend waiting until you experience an injury or can't walk to incorporate routine foot care into your lifestyle. For more information about conditions we treat and other services provided by Advanced Podiatry of Needham, visit our website. Please call (781) 444-4044 or appointment scheduling with Dr. Michael Mitry or Dr. Christopher Karter in our Needham, MA office.

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