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Your feet are intricate structures that support and balance your entire body on a daily basis, you are dependent on them and to properly take care of them it's sometimes important to seek the help of a professional. Choosing the right foot doctor, or podiatrist, is the first step, and you have to search very far if you live in or near the Needham, MA, area as you can depend on the expert care of Dr. Michael Mitry and Dr. Christopher Karter of Advanced Podiatry of Needham. Below will be covered some of the most important reasons why you need the expert help of a podiatrist, but to learn much more you can get in contact with them directly.

Foot Pain

Foot pain is one of the most common reasons why you might visit a podiatrist's office. Whether you are an athlete or you work on your feet for long periods throughout the day you run a higher chance of developing foot problems, especially if your feet don't have the necessary support. Your podiatrist will suggest the right footwear for your individual needs and may prescribe custom orthotics to manage your discomfort and help you recover, among other specialized treatment options.

Foot Conditions

Improper support can also be attributed to foot problems like arthritis or having low arches, which give way to many other foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis and hammer toe, to name just a few. Custom orthotics are also often used to treat and manage these conditions, but in severe cases, surgery may be suggested to correct the underlying problem.


If you have diabetes meeting with a podiatrist often is a necessity, as the condition can make you more prone to foot problems. Because of the nature of diabetes, these foot problems are easy to aggravate and also much more difficult to even detect on your own.

Podiatrist in Needham, MA

If you've not yet made a choice of podiatrist then it's time to do so, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mitry and Dr. Karter of Advanced Podiatry of Needham in Needham, MA, by dialing (781) 444-4044.

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