• How Often Should You Visit Your Podiatrist?
    When it comes to visiting your doctor, you probably know how often to visit a general practitioner or a dentist, but you may have no idea how often you should Read more
  • Preventing Toenail Fungus
    When toenail fungus attacks your feet, Dr. Michael Mitry and Dr. Christopher Karter at Advanced Podiatry of Needham in Needham, MA offer laser nail fungus and other effective treatment options. 7 Read more
  • Benefits of Visiting Your Foot Doctor
    Whether it's due to foot pain, or a recent injury, or if you're trying to prevent foot problems, then your podiatrist may be your greatest ally. Learn more about all Read more
  • Suffering From Heel Pain?
    When you are suffering from heel pain in Needham, MA, you can count on Dr. Michael Mitry, a board certified podiatrist and member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and Dr. Read more
  • Choosing Us as Your Podiatrist
    Your feet are intricate structures that support and balance your entire body on a daily basis, you are dependent on them and to properly take care of them it's sometimes Read more
  • Are Bunions Causing You Pain?
    If bunions are causing you pain, we can help. Irritation and discomfort often occur as the interior of the shoes rubs against the bunions throughout the day. Several options are Read more
  • What Causes Heel Pain?
    If you are someone who struggles with recurring heel pain then plantar fasciitis may be to blame, a condition that itself could be brought on by a number of factors. Read more
  • How Often Should Diabetics See The Foot Doctor?
    One of the symptoms that diabetics have to live with day in and day out is numbness and pain of the feet. Everyone experiences different symptoms and at different levels, Read more
  • Types Of Bunion Surgery
    Bunions are bony protrusions along the side of the foot near the big toe. Since bunions stick out, they tend to rub against the interior of the shoes which can Read more
  • The Benefits of Laser Nail Fungus Treatment
    Onychomycosis, more commonly known as nail fungus, is a condition in which the nail or skin beneath the nail becomes infected. Walking barefoot around a public pool or shower can Read more
  • The Benefits Of Visiting A Podiatrist 2021
    People often ignore foot care, even though it's a necessary part of your overall health. Dr. Michael Mitry and Dr. Christopher Karter of Advanced Podiatry of Needham provide patients with Read more
  • When To See a Podiatrist
    At Advanced Podiatry of Needham, our foot doctor will diagnose and treat conditions involving the leg, ankle, and foot. They can also prescribe orthotic insoles that help improve balance and Read more
  • Treating Your Ankle Sprain
    If you’re suffering from a sprained ankle, you are probably dealing with unpleasant symptoms, mainly pain. Fortunately, with help from your podiatrist here at Advanced Podiatry of Needham in Needham, Read more
  • Treatment Options For Heel Pain
    Is your heel so painful in the morning you hesitate to take a step? You may have plantar fasciitis, a common inflammatory condition related to overuse, improper gait and other Read more
  • Avoiding Bunion Development
    Bunions can be painful and debilitating, making your shoes uncomfortable and sometimes making it difficult to walk. If you suffer from bunions, you should seek medical advice from a podiatrist. Read more
  • Treating Your Bunions
    Bunions may feel like a sore bump on the side of your foot makes standing and walking a chore. At Advanced Podiatry of Needham, your foot doctors, Dr. Michael Mitry Read more

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