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By Advanced Podiatry of Needham
December 17, 2020
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If you’re suffering from a sprained ankle, you are probably dealing with unpleasant symptoms, mainly pain. Fortunately, with help from your podiatrist here at Advanced Podiatry of Needham in Needham, MA, Dr. Michael Mitry and Dr. Christopher Karter, you can manage your ankle sprain and help ensure a safe and fast recovery.

Additionally, besides speeding up your healing, proper post-injury treatments could likewise prevent complications and future ankle issues.

Safe, Efficient, and Fast Ankle Sprain Recovery with The “PRICE” Method

  • “P” for Protection: Avoid anything that could place pressure or exacerbate your ankle sprain.
  • “R” for Resting: Don’t move around or walk too much. If you must walk, use a cane or crutches to help you move around safely.
  • “I” for Icing: The most suitable way to ice your sprained ankle is to utilize a pack of frozen corn or peas since you can wrap this around your ankle quite easily. Ice the injured area for 20 minutes at the most, about three or five times daily for three days following your injury.
  • “C” for Compression: This entails applying pressure on your ankle sprain and the surrounding area. Use tensor or an elastic bandage for wrapping your foot, starting from the toes and all the way to the mid-calf. Ensure to place sufficient pressure to allow for proper compression, making sure that it’s not too tight to hinder blood flow.
  • “E” for Elevation: Elevate your sprained ankle as often as possible while you’re recovering. This will aid in improving blood circulation and help make certain that blood will flow to the proper places for optimal healing.

Seeing Your Podiatrist

A very mild ankle sprain doesn’t always warrant a visit to your podiatrist, unless you have severe pain, are a senior or a child, a diabetic, can’t place even the teeniest pressure on your injured ankle, and/or are unsure whether it’s minor a sprain or not. If one or more of these factors apply to you, visit your podiatrist in Needham, MA, right away to ensure that your injury is really a sprained ankle and not something that’s more serious.

If it turns out that your ankle isn’t just sprained but has a torn or broken ligament, your podiatrist will be able to recommend the most appropriate treatment options to manage your injury.

For Help Treating Your Ankle Sprain, Reach Out to Us

Book an appointment with your podiatrist here at Advanced Podiatry of Needham in Needham, MA, Dr. Michael Mitry and Dr. Christopher Karter, by calling (781) 444-4044.

By Advanced Podiatry of Needham
August 23, 2017
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When you participate in high activity sports like basketball, tennis, and football, you are at a higher risk for ankle sprains. Here are a fewAnkle Sprain signs of a possible sprain, but keep in mind that you should have this injury officially diagnosed and treated by your foot doctor Dr. Michael Mitry at Advanced Podiatry of Needham in Needham, MA.

What Is an Ankle Sprain?
An ankle sprain is an injury to the ankle bone that is related to torn or stretched ligaments. It’s usually caused by the ankle twisting or bending abnormally. For instance, if while playing a sport your body goes one way and the ankle turns in the opposite direction, an ankle sprain can occur. A sprain is usually very painful at its onset and will probably continue to ache without corrective treatment. Without therapy, the problem can worsen. It’s especially important to seek urgent help if you’re an athlete so that you can avoid a chronic problem.

Signs of a Sprain
The most obvious sign of a sprain is intense pain. The ankle has been turned out of its proper position, so there’s damage to the ligaments and nerves. You’ll likely see swelling and bruising around the ankle after a sprain. Walking, running, and exercising becomes laborious and stressful. You may find yourself walking with a limp after an ankle sprain. Any of these signs call for a visit to your Needham foot doctor.

Treating an Ankle Sprain
One of the best ways to treat an ankle sprain is to wrap the ankle with compressive ace bandages to give it support. A night splint may also be beneficial. Physical therapy and stretch exercises will help the ligaments heal over time, but you have to be consistent with your doctor’s advice. In the case of a serious sprain, surgery may be required to get the foot back to normal.

Seek Ankle Treatment Today
Your ankle is an important part of your foot, and when it's injured you should have it looked at as soon as possible. Call Advanced Podiatry of Needham in Needham, MA at (781) 444-4044 today to schedule an ankle examination with Dr. Michael Mitry, a foot doctor who is committed to complete foot and ankle care.

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